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Catch Any Online Video!

RipTiger is a product which focuses on downloading video from any web-site. What separates it from screen capturing products, is that it actually downloads the video instead of recording it from the screen. This way, the downloads get completed quickly, without quality loss and without the need to keep them open in the browser.

It supports most of streaming media formats:

  • Flash Videos ( both HTTP and RTMP)
  • Windows Media
  • Real Audio
  • Real Video
  • MPEG
  • QuickTime
  • Shoutcast

RipTiger downloads high definition video data and saves the original data exactly 1:1 on your hard drive. No quality loss in audio or video.

RipTiger uses 3 video ripping technologies to ensure compatibility with just about any video web-site:

  • 1. Basic Video Ripping - works for most popular video sharing web-sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.
  • 2. Advanced Video Ripping - a technology that only works in Internet Explorer for difficult to capture web-sites (the ones not supported with Basic Video Ripping), like Hulu.
  • 3. Advanced Video Intercepting - the most recently introduced technology that adds compatibility with just about any video web-sites / improves compatibility with currently supported web-sites. (e.g. MySpace Videos, Yahoo! Screen).

Beneficial features:

  • Correct Naming - the downloaded videos will retain the original names from the source web-pages. It was quiet difficult to get it work with any web-site.
  • Ad filtering - RipTiger uses many different methods to avoid downloading commercials or to save them as separate files when avoiding isn't possible. For example, when used with Hulu, RipTiger starts downloading the actual video without the need to sit through commercials.
  • Duplicates filtering - online video downloading software has a common flaw, where the videos are being downloaded in multiple copies. RipTiger works around this problem and properly downloads just one copy from any web-site.
  • Video Conversion - all the most common output formats are supported.
Downloaded videos can be converted multiple times to different formats.

RipTiger is well known all over the world. It has won many awards. Thousands of forums and blogs recommend it for it's rare conjunction of clear interface and intelligence under the hood. Now you don't need to make additional clicks: it downloads online videos automatically while you're surfing the web. All the videos are being captured on the maximal possible speed, this is why even simultaneous recording will remain a fast process.

Many comparisons show that there's no other software with such intelligent protocol database, hence there's no sense in searching for an alternative.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 x32, Windows Vista x32 or x64; Windows 7 x32/x64; Windows 8; Non-proxy internet connection

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Windows 7Windows 8

RipTiger will only download videos that are accessible free of charge and in no way protected from being publicly viewed.
This restriction, inter alia, applies to password and DRM protected videos, of which neither can be downloaded with RipTiger in pursuance of relevant provisions of the copyright law.
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